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Michelle Klinger, Author

Michelle hails from Marvellous Melbourne, where her imagination was sparked by books with magical themes.

Currently residing in Sydney, Michelle lives with her husband, three kids, and their dogs. She loves to surround herself with unruly mutts with silly names. Michelle also likes frangipani trees, pelicans, and mashed potato with butter.

Michelle has worn many hats: writing for television, 3D animation, captioning, and most recently becoming an art therapist.

This would have been her tenth book had she not discovered Tetris.


Michelle is fortunate to be a Pyjama Angel and is a huge supporter of The Pyjama Foundation, a charity that supports children in foster care by empowering them with learning, life skills and confidence.

Ila Taylor Bologni, Illustrator

Ila Taylor Bologni is an Italian illustrator specialising in children’s book illustrations.


Her work centers around fantasy-themed images drawn in a child-like style with light pastel colours that aim to bring to life wonderful stories and to give magical, tender and delicate tones to the narrative.

When she is not drawing, Ila enjoys listening to music, strolling in nature and reading fantasy books for young readers and travel books that give her inspiration for her work.

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